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About Mike Edgar

Hi, my name is Mike Edgar and I'm The Investment Doctor.  Welcome to the website!

Who am I?

I've spent 20 years learning, experimenting, and investing in many different ways and I've come up with quite a bit of material I think others will find very useful and profitable.  All of this is with the intention of helping you do better financially by have better investment knowledge which will help lead you to better financial results.  In short, helping you to Invest Better. 

Why am I doing this?

Through my journey I found that I couldn't find truly holistic, unbiased, and highly effective investment advice.  So, I had to solve my own problem and become my own "financial advisor".  Of course, I'm also doing this as an online education and coaching business, but in terms of quantity of information the vast majority will be free through the blog, podcasts, and videos.  

Why believe me? 

Well, frankly, one of my investment principles is that you shouldn't trust anyone or anything.  You need to research it, investigate it, do your due diligence, look at the small picture, look at the big picture, leverage any information you get for more creative ideas or improvements, and determine what is applicable and useful for you and your situation.  At the same time, you need to learn from others, and as many "others" as possible ... I look at it like the "It takes a village" approach even, and maybe especially, for investing.  

Having said all of that, of course, I think you should trust and believe me :).  Investing and finance is a difficult area to prove or guarantee, but at the very least, structurally speaking, I have a very strong model to help solve the "trust problem". And that is, I don't want your investment capital.  I don't manage other people's money.  I don't sell financial products.  I'm completely unbiases and not incentivized or compensated by any company or outside sources. My business model is selling investment education and coaching, and that is it.  My strength is analysis.  I offer my analysis and education to others so that they can benefit, but not only benefit, but GREATLY benefit.  I hope that whatever you spend on my courses and/or coaching (if you spend anything that is) that you get 10x, 100x, 1000x or more money back from your investment in my materials.  I want the education to be a great investment in and of itself for you and your family in the short, medium and long term.  

The other reason is that my material is really independent of me.  It's all based on data and facts.  So, in a sense you don't need to trust me.  I'm not selling you some financial investment product.  Trust the data and the facts, but even those you should approach with a skeptical eye, kick the tires, etc. so that you understand them, have confidence in them, and can utilize them to your advantage.  

Invest in Yourself !

I strongly believe everyone needs to invest in themselves in general and specifically for their investment education.  There are so many great ways to do this these days, but you also need to know how to filter out the bad from the good. 

One last note.  I define "investment" much broader than most, and it aligns with my holistic approach.  To me an investment is anything that you invest your time, money or energy into.  Given that my free content will vary greatly across topics that are both directly related to investing and finances, but also some diverse topics that are seemingly unrelated to finances (but actually are). 


Finally, if there's anything I can do to help you just let me know. 


Mike Edgar, The Investment Doctor 

Investing in Stocks with the Investment Doctor

P.S. One last note, meet my dog Russell.  He also goes by "The Investment Dogtor" :).