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About Mike Edgar

The Investment Doctor

Hi, I'm Mike Edgar.  Welcome!  I wanted share a bit about myself so you know there is an actual human behind all of this (and actually a dog as well). Just to keep things brief here's a "bullet" list of personal trivia.


Hobbies: snorkeling in tropical islands, exploring new areas, cooking with buddies (12 years strong now)


Sports: any sport that involves a racket or paddle, snow shoeing, snowboarding, mountain biking


New Year’s Resolution: no swearing (I’m not completely hitting this), lose weight (not working at all)


Hidden Dream: try to pull off a Stand Up Comedy gig


Places Lived: San Jose CA, Savary Island, B.C., Japan (4 yrs), Belgium (5 yrs), Redmond, WA


Countries Travelled to: 25+


Places I need to visit: top 100 beaches, Caribbean, Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, Bali, Panama, Goa, Maldives, Indonesia, Singapore, and more!  

The Investment Doctor and The Investment Dogtor

Dog’s name: Russell (a lovely troublemaker mutt), also known as "The Investment Dogtor"


Favorite food: coffee and dark chocolate


Favorite color: blue


Favorite TV show: The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Masked Singer


Winter Sport: snowboarding, snowshoeing


Favorite Super Hero: Superman


Play any instruments: ugh, I wish


What is your favorite cereal: granola, Captain Crunch


Strange phobia: afraid of heights


Favorite flavor of Pringles: sour cream and onion


Which way does your toilet paper hang? over


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