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Investing in Stocks the Easy, Safe & Profitable way

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If you plan on investing in stocks ...

You NEED a Proven System!


Remember your mom saying look both ways before crossing the street? Well, there's something similar when it comes to investing in stocks: "Don't invest without a proven system."


By the way, the mainstream advisor approach of 60/40 Stocks/Bonds, Stock Diversification, Buy-Hold, and Dollar Cost Average is *not* a system. That is an approach, a strategy at best, but it guarantees sub-par returns and wildly different & unpredictable results for people's financial future and retirement.


Anything else is just too risky for your financial future.


You not only deserve better, but you need better. It took me over 15 years to develop a fully data proven, safe, solid and very profitable System that at the very least you need to know more about. This is not some get-rich-quick scheme. It's for people who are serious about their financial future and retirement.


My system is so simple that complete beginners can easily learn, and yet so powerful that even advanced investors and Pros can see the dramatic benefits when compared to their current investing methods.

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How can I use your system?

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If you are young, if you have no or little money, or if you considerable money in the market but are new to investing in stocks you can learn this system in my course and I walk you through it each month in my free webinar for members. 

If you are young (20's or 30's) you may not realize it, but even if you have no money to invest in stocks you are at a GREAT ADVANTAGE in your investing journey.  You can focus on earning, saving, and LEARNING BEFORE you start investing with big dollar amounts. 

It is truly a golden time and opportunity for you to learn, and learn how powerful one of your most important assets truly is, and that is TIME.  You have TIME on your side, and now knowledge of a proven system you can use for decades to create an incredible financial future for yourself.

There is nothing to fear here.  I help you both in the course and interactively via email and monthly webinars. 

I'm reachable for your questions!

Finally, this course is very affordable so that is in within reach of everyone's budget, and it even comes with a Money Back Guarantee. 

Here's to your financial future !!!

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Intermediate to Pro Investors

You probably have a considerable amount of money in the stock market, and you have probably had ups and downs throughout your investing history. 

You are likely at an important stage in your investing journey where it's imperative to maximize your accumulation while being safe along the way.

You may have invested for many years and even decades, and felt like you've been on a roller coaster.  Sometimes a good experience, sometimes not so much, but still not sure what is going to come next and how to protect yourself. 

I can pretty much guarantee you haven't seen a system like this, and I'm sure you wish you had it all along in your investing journey ... because if you had your account would most likely be much larger than it is today.

My system is 100% backed by data, the system doesn't change, and you can completely customize it to your style of investing.

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Pre-Retirees and Retired

As you know, it's crucial that you preserve your investments, grow them, and especially not get hit by a stock market crash near or during retirement. 

How can you do that?

Well, my system shows you exactly where we are in the market cycle, and it acts as a safety net when the market starts to crash. 

Does my system nail the exact top or the exact bottom of the market? No.  But what it does do, and the data proves this out, is it provides you a major signal if the market at a macro level is starting to turn the other direction. 

That signal is your safety net! 

And that is truly invaluable both financially and psychologically. 

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Hi, I'm Mike Edgar.  The Investment Doctor.


Investing. You may hate it or you may love it. But there's no denying that investing is a critical part of your financial future and retirement. ‚ÄčAnd, true confession, I am actually obsessed with the challenges and opportunities that investing brings.

‚ÄčThat may sound strange, but my quirk is your advantage.

I've developed a proven system that anyone can use and benefit from ... I don't sell financial products, and I don't ask anyone to invest their money in anything other than in themselves. I solely offer investment and financial education, because education is the key.

And now I want to share my system for success for investing in stocks with you because the the sooner you begin your investing journey using my system the better your financial future can be.

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