About The Investment Doctor

Hi, I'm Mike.  Welcome!  I wanted share a bit about myself so you know there is an actual human behind all of this ... me (and actually, a dog name Russell as well). To keep it brief below is also a "bullet" list of personal trivia about me.  


Simply put, I have been investing for decades and teach you how to invest better than the pros. You can save yourself a lot of time, stress and invest much more profitably by taking my 3 hour online course and viewing/listening my weekly coaching webinars. I have developed a very practical, and simple system that takes the complexity out of investing in the stock market ... and I show you all the data that proves it. 


Over the years I have developed The Investment Doctor indicator. This is a key component to your personalized system which I help you create step-by-step to best suit your needs. You can finally easily and fully control your investments and get much better returns. Also, you can save tons of money by avoiding the fees advisors charge for their mediocre results. Obviously, a pet peeve of mine!


Best of all I help you all along the way in my weekly coaching webinars, and you can always send me email with your questions. 


The reason I do this is to help people so that they can save a lot of time based on my decades of research, real world investing and experiences. 


My goal is simple. To help you invest better ...  and become independent from "advisors" and their fees. 


Hobbies: snorkeling in tropical islands, exploring new areas, cooking with buddies (12 years strong now)


Sports: any sport that involves a racket or paddle, snow shoeing, snowboarding, mountain biking


New Year’s Resolution: no swearing (I’m not completely hitting this), lose weight (not working at all)


Hidden Dream: try to pull off a Stand Up Comedy gig


Places Lived: San Jose CA, Savary Island, B.C., Japan (4 yrs), Belgium (5 yrs), Redmond, WA


Countries Travelled to: 25+


Places I need to visit: top 100 beaches, Caribbean, Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, Bali, Panama, Goa, Maldives, Indonesia, Singapore, and more!  

The Investment Doctor and The Investment Dogtor

Dog’s name: Russell (a lovely troublemaker mutt), also known as "The Investment DOGtor"


Favorite food: coffee and dark chocolate


Favorite color: blue


Favorite TV show: The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Masked Singer


Winter Sport: snowboarding, snowshoeing


Favorite Super Hero: Superman


Play any instruments: ugh, I wish


What is your favorite cereal: granola, Captain Crunch


Strange phobia: afraid of heights


Favorite flavor of Pringles: sour cream and onion


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