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Oct 31, 2019


I'm Mike Edgar, aka "The Investment Doctor", father, IT project manager, owner of Russell (the dog) and super passionate about investing and personal finance. So, here goes nothing, and here goes everything, all at the same time.  After all the ideas, planning, and dreaming I'm finally kicking this off. 

In this initial post I just wanted to layout the goals and intentions of this blog.  Simply put, I plan to provide a lot of value that you can benefit from in your financial, and otherwise, life. I take a very holistic unbiased approach to finances and life.  In fact, I consider an investment as anything you put your time, money or energy into.  And in my mind your healthy time on this planet is your greatest asset ... not money.  Given that ideology I give myself a lot of freedom to discuss anything that I can, even remotely, relate to finances, investing, or money in some way (and occasionally I'll probably break my own rule). 


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