Jan 03, 2020

I'm Mike Edgar, "The Investment Doctor", and I'm so excited to kick off this blog. This has really been well over 17 years in the making.  My mission is to help people invest better for their futures, their retirement, and their family.  

The key factor to investing better is making better investment decisions. I would like to help you make better financial and investment decisions by sharing with you the many lessons and tools I have learned over the years and from a wide range of investments I have personally done. 

I can't over emphasize the importance of our decisions.  Our finances, our net worth, and our lives themselves are the cumulative result of our decisions. Our decisions regarding our education, career, health, life and of course investments have all had great effect on our current financial net worth.

As you might have already guessed, I take a very holistic approach to finances and investing.  In fact, I define an investment quite differently...

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