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Well, it's all just talk until you see the results, right? So here they are. These are the results if you had used my system in one of your accounts (brokerage account, 401k, IRA, Roth IRA, etc.). One of the great things is my system and coaching can be used in any of your accounts. Even better, you don't need to spend a lot of time or money to learn the system since it only requires a simple 3 hour online course and just $20/month with no long-term contract. This also includes weekly coaching webinars to help you all along the way.

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Let me describe the above results in more detail.  Let's say you had $10,000 in one of your accounts on January 3rd of 1995, and you decided to invest it using a conventional 60% stocks (S&P 500) and 40% bonds allocation that many advisors recommend. On December 31, 2021 that $10,000 would have grown to $47,934. Similarly, if you had invested the entire $10,000 into stocks, the S&P 500 SPY ETF, it would have become $103,705. However, if you invested the entire $10,000 into the S&P 500 without a proven system and coach on your side it would be regarded as risky by many. 

However, if you had invested the same $10,000 using The Investment Doctor system #1 it would have become $147,981, and with much less volatility along the way. Alternatively, if you used The Investment Doctor system #2 it would have grown to $200,065 with even less volatility along the way.

I show you all the data, results and systems for this in the online course. 


Now let me describe the above phenomenal results. This requires a regular brokerage or IRA account (or a brokerage link account to your 401k), but using The Investment Doctor system #3 your $10,000 original investment on March 1st, 2010 would have become $326,674 by December 31st, 2021. Even more phenomenally, system #4 would have grown the original $10,000 investment to $1,697,347.

Again, I show you all the data, results and systems for this in the online course. I also help you all along the way with weekly coaching webinars and all for just $20 per month with no long-term contract. 

Frank D. (San Francisco)

This is great!  I feel much more secure about my investments now. No big time commitment and Peace of Mind!

Mary M. (Chicago)

It's so easy!  For the first time I can say that I can actually see the market and how to invest in it profitably and safely.

Jim M. (New York)

No more wasting time and money chasing "hot" stocks. All this with  built-in diversification and great returns!

Are you affected by ...

Let's face it. There are a lot of financial problems out there that are affecting our personal financial situations. Frankly, there are just too many to list, but here are some which may affect you. But hopefully not all of them!

  • Retirement might seem out of reach
  • Personal debt is huge. Credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, etc.
  • Health Care costs are enormous
  • Student debts are huge
  • Housing is very expensive and buying your first home may seem out of reach
  • Company pension or government assistance was reduced
  • Information overload: there is a ton of financial information out there, which should you trust, believe, use? Where should you start?
  • Afraid a market crash will wipe out your investment money
  • Geo-Political concerns
  • Social Security is in question, will it be there for you when you need it? If so, how much of it?
  • Tax rates will seemingly need to rise in the future (e.g. during your retirement)
  • Your life expectancy is into your 80's, 90's or more. That might not seem like a problem, but it creates a financial challenge
  • You are being sold a lot of financial products, but there are tons of scams, get rich quick schemes, and faulty companies
  • Can't get good reliable investment advice because it's difficult to find and/or you've been excluded because you aren't already rich
  • You don't trust or believe in the cookie-cut "advisors"
  • Confusion: conflicting analysis and opinions are pumped out daily from 100's of media channels creating enormous confusion
  • There are easy-to-use apps to trade stocks, but there's no proven system, and no coaching
  • You need to know how to invest, but no one taught you how to invest
  • And the list goes on ...

Any one of these problems can be overwhelming, but most people are facing many of these. The point is:

These financial challenges make it critical that YOU know how to invest your money well.

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Some Truths

There are also some simple truths out there.  Here are a few when it comes to investing:

  • No one has your best interest in mind more than yourself
  • If you aren't trained how to invest you generally won't invest well.
  • Investing can be confusing, frustrating, and complex if you're not trained and don't have proven system to guide you
  • Your true best interest and optimal investing can't be legislated through advisors attempting to adhere to the legal definition of a "fiduciary"


The Solution:  The Investment Doctor's System and Coaching

You get a Proven System, You get me as your investment Coach, So you can …

  • Optimize your investment gains
  • Invest with confidence
  • Control your finances and financial future
  • Save advisor fees so you can invest and gain more
  • Invest safely and maximize liquidity
  • Avoid market crashes
  • Easily diversify your investments
  • Minimize investment volatility
  • Quickly understand the market
  • Prevent mistakes
  • Personalize and pick strategies that work best for you!

I'm an investment coach and I've developed a proven investment system. I teach you my decades long proven system in an online course, and I also coach you all along the way in my monthly webinars ... where I help you learn how to invest optimally and safely. Yes, you can ask me questions!  This is really the best combination.  Having just an online course leaves you with a lot of questions and frankly leaves you hanging out in the cold when it comes to your particular needs and as the market changes. Similarly, having a coach or and "advisor" without a proven system also isn't sufficient since there is no solid proven foundation.

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I teach you my investment system and the 4 Core Strategies in just 30 minutes and I've even made it “Traffic Light Simple” for you to quickly check the current market state.  My proven system is behind the traffic light telling it which color to display to show. Green means we are in an up (or Bull) market, and red means we are in a down (or Bear) market. When you combine this signal with the strategies I teach you can invest with the market and not against it. This is how you can have gains much higher than the "advisors" and “pros”, and be safe along the way as well.   

You might ask, "Well, where's the Yellow light in that signal?".  As you know, the stock market can be very volatile and this can create a lot of yellow signals. My investment system, though, is either green or red. It is free of opinion, immune to headline investment news, doesn't second guess the market, and so on.  So, when seemingly yellow signals do arise I discuss these in the monthly webinar and answer your specific questions. This gives you a great resource to analyze the current market situation and make decisions best for your situation.  The great thing is that you will have a solid foundation based on the 4 Dimensions of Investing and the 4 Core Strategies that I teach in the online course.  This foundation combined with the fresh market updates, analysis and advanced strategies I provide in the monthly webinars will put you in the best position to make your best investment decisions. 

Just one note, you may be wondering why the webinars are monthly and not more frequent like daily or weekly.  The reason is that this is a long term investment system designed for people to use for their wealth accumulation and retirement "nest egg", and monthly webinars are sufficient to monitor the situation.  This also has the benefit of not consuming a lot of your time, and I record the webinars so you can listen to them whenever and where ever is most convenient to you.  This is not some hyped-up day trading get-rich-quick scheme that uses complex, time consuming and risky instruments.

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Knowledge is Key

There’s no denying it.  The stock market can make you feel like you are riding a roller coaster or in a sail boat on the high seas. But when you have knowledge and a proven system on your side these act like your sail and your rudder to stabilize and navigate to your destination.

Most people are riding the ups and downs, and getting in and out of the market based on emotions, financial news headlines, friend recommendations, advisor suggestions, and so on.

Essentially, most people are investing while blindfolded. That’s why so many people think investing in stocks is like ‘gambling’. And, well, if you don't have an investment system and don't have specific investment knowledge then you are kind of gambling.

But now you can invest with a system on your side and my personal coaching all along the way. That takes the blindfolds off and the ‘gambling’ out of the equation.  My system gives you accurate unbiased vision and insight into the stock market … like you have never had before. This allows you to truly see the market and make much better investment decisions.

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Unique All-in-One Package: Training & Coaching for just $20 a month

First off, I personally teach you my investment system in my online course. But this isn’t just an online course, I also provide you monthly recorded webinars where I give an update on the “traffic light signal” as well as my stock market analysis.  So, after taking the course you are not just left on your own.  I’m here and supporting you through the learning process and providing up-to-date market information and analysis.

  • Online course taught by me
  • 3 hour online course covering the system, the results, and advanced strategies that can be used in any of your stock accounts
  • Weekly coaching webinars (recorded) with market updates, analysis, and Q&A
  • Anytime Q&A, ask a question anytime
  • Full access to the entire course anytime and from any device for members
  • Low cost of $20/month
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How you can benefit

Everyone is different and this is true for investing as well. No one invests the same way, no one has the same financial goals or situation, and different account types have different capabilities and restrictions. So it is important that you are able to personalize your investing to your needs, but at the same time have a solid and proven approach supporting that personalization. That is exactly what you can do using my investment system and strategies.

One thing in particular is that there is only one simple investment system to learn, and with that as your foundation you can then customize and personalize it to your needs using the 4 Core Strategies I teach you.  But beyond those 4 there are many approaches you can take.  You aren't limited to just picking one strategy.  You could use one strategy in one account and another in a separate account. Or, you could even use 1 strategy in 1 of your accounts but only use it for 10% or 25% of the funds in that account.

Another big advantage is that since the system also acts as a safety net against true market crashes your account balances will be higher even during down markets relative to traditional approaches.  This is what I mean when I say the system provides you with more liquidity.  Don't worry, I explain how this works in detail in the course.  This is very important though because traditionally in a down market you would have to either hold on to the stock and ride the down (bear) market out, or you would have to sell at a loss.  Using my system this isn't the case.  You have a relatively higher account balance and therefore more liquidity all along your investment years. This is particularly important if you need money to buy a house, pay some bills or debt off, or if you have a "life event" that requires money quickly.

As you can see my approach is very flexible and allows you to customize and personalize to your specific needs.

Safe and Easy

I want to make this easy and affordable for all.  I've intentionally priced the package as low as possible so that I can reach the most people. However, if you find that it isn't a fit for you just ask to cancel your subscription. No questions asked. We don't offer refunds except where permissible by law, but you get to keep the knowledge for life.

Take control of your financial future!

For yourself. For your retirement. For your family. 

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