About Russell: The Investment DOGtor


Name: Russell (a lovely troublemaker mutt), also known as "The Investment DOGtor"


Favorite food: Costco hotdogs, finely chopped.  If not available anything with meat in it. 


Favorite color: blue (always chewing on a blue plastic dog bone)


Play area:  42 acre off leash park, but jumps fences to out of bounds areas because 42 acres just isn't enough ... AND ... fences are for jumping.


Rescue dog? Kind of a Craigslist rescue.


Breed? No one knows exactly. Common guesses include King Charles spaniel, Aussie Shepard, and beagle mix. To name a few.


Strange phobia: Clear glass cups and clear plastic bottles.

Age: 3.5 years old


Starbucks Fan: Yes, puppicinos all day long!



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